Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Equipped with a simple Cannon Powershot, Saptarshi does wonder with the macros. The teacher in mathematics is determined to catch The God of Small Things with the lens.

Spider on Mirror, Chandannagore

Dragonfly, Chandannagore

White Water Lily 1, Chandannagore

White Water Lily 2, Chandannagore

Marigold Variety, Pelling

Euphorbia pulcherrima, Pelling

Garden Spider, Chandannagore

Water Lily 1, Chandannagore

Water Lily 2, Chandannagore


samy said...

Hotath kore DArun kichu chobi deklam..sply "Old Man and The River" ..2 good

moon said...
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moon said...

Amazing!! ...Beautiful flowers r even more beautifullly photographed...specially the waterlilies and Euphorbia. (Saptarshi's Photos)

Souvik Banerjee said...

Excellent pictures to share. Thanks for uploading...

Kingshuk said...

met saptarshi at Mondermoni and got to know about your blog. Its amazing. Though not a prudent photgrapher, but like to see such photo's from childhood.
keep going.. wish you all the best.